Forever Foxcroft Members

We are so grateful to the members of our legacy society, Forever Foxcroft. If you have included Foxcroft in your long-term financial planning and would like your name listed, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at or 540.687.4510.
Anonymous (14)
Mimi Mills Abel-Smith ’54
Stacey Morse Ahner ’73
Peggy Wickes Alexander ’64
+Elizabeth Stewart Baldwin ’23
+Elizabeth Kemp Beach ’20
+Ruth Bedford ’32
+Harriet Aldrich Bering ’40
Pamela Biddle ’81
Dorothy Pickering Bossidy ’71
Elizabeth Boyd ’92
+J. Bruce Bredin
Dorothy Reynolds Brotherton ’70
+Mr. and Mrs. Leland Brown
+Amanda Cadwalader Burton ’44
Tonya M. Butler-Truesdale ’82
Caroline Rinehart Cardais ’01
Moira M. Carroll ’83
+Cecile Parker Carver ’42
+Ann Gambrill Casey ’39
Susan Knott Childs ’58
Candida Streeter Clark ’73
+Mariana Gowen Coleman ’15
Barbara Tragakis Conner
+Eleanor Chalfant Cooper ’20
Dolph(+) and Beatty Cramer ’66
+Ailsa Moseley Crawford ’53
Joy Crompton ’78
Victoria Bartlett Donaldson ’70
Sally Bartholomay Downey ’78
Molly West Ellsworth ’50
Nancy Jones Emrich
Lisa McGrath Evans ’67
+Katherine Crowninshield Ferguson ’53
+Elizabeth Cheston Forster ’52
+Lucy Sprague Foster ’46
+Anna Lauder Garner ’39
Edmee E. Geis ’82
+Betsy N. Getz
Sandra Norris Ghosh ’75
Brooke Meyer Gray ’59
Chip and Jill Gruver
+Joy Sheaffer Hall ’57
+Dorrance Hill Hamilton ’46
Waddell Hancock '71
+Elizabeth Millard Hanes ’46
Pamela Hartley ’79
Katherine Cooper Hastings ’78
Sarah Stokes Hatch ’63
+Rosalind Everdell Havemeyer ’35
Trevania Dudley Henderson ’76
Melanie Lozier Henke ’89
+Theodora Winthrop Hooton ’47
Richard and Kimberly Hurst
+May Field Jackson ’29
Patricia Toy Bryant Johnson ’78
Hope Jones ’82
Hope Haskell Jones ’52
+Amanda Bryan Kane ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kaplan
Nancy S. Krewson ’73
Anne Michele Kuhns ’87
+Suzanne Kuser ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Lane
Amelia Baker Lauderdale '04
+James F. Lawrence
Louisa Whitridge Leavitt ’60
Mary Louise Leipheimer
+Mary Ann Lippitt ’36
+Elizabeth Livingston
+Elizabeth Mackubin Lyman ’22
+Jane Lawrence Mali ’55
+Nancy R. Manierre ’41
+Nancy Iselin Marburg ’37
+Forrest E. Mars, Jr.
Virginia Cretella Mars

Dorothy Alexander Matz ’81
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas May, Jr.
Mary Cheston McAdoo ’46
Susan McConnell ’68
Amanda McGuire ’84
+Anne Kane McGuire ’52
Susan Schoelkopf Mele ’80
Jordan Moore ’01
Melissa Slingluff Morley ’81
Valerie Michel Nelson ’77
Wendy Nelson '83
+Florence B. Newman
+Joan Lyman Niles ’51
+Abby M. O’Neill ’46
Jennifer Sgro Orfield ’91
+Linda Moore Post ’46
+Heidi Schmid Powers ’59
+Jean Rainey, mother of Ruth Rainey ’82
Pickett D. Randolph ’56
+Charles and Nancy Thomas Rees ’45
+Hope Montgomery Scott ’21
Alexandra Flickinger Secor ’80
+Katherine Snyder Shands ’22
Patricia Sifton-Munro ’76
+Helen Putnam Sokopp ’49
Nell Cherry Stager ’81
+Seymour St. John
+Anne Kinsolving Talbott ’60
Alix Tower Thorne ’67
+Eleanor Schley Todd ’29
Frances Cheston Train ’44
Carol Exnicios Tucker ’49
Linda Reading Uihlein ’72
+Grace Sloane Vance ’36
+Julia Armour Walker ’59
+Polly Ordway Wallace ’34
+Wilma Warburg
Constance V.R. White ’42
Kendra A. Wilcox-Dillon ’82
+Mary Hotchkiss Williams ’30
Eva Louise Willim
+Alice Perkins Winn ’19
+Lunsford and Curgie Winchester Yandell ’24

+ Deceased
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